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The Revenge Hoodie + The XXXTentacion = XXXTentacion Revenge Hoodie

Later in 2016, or in early 2017, Garrette met rapper XXXTentacion. It’s unclear who initiated the meeting, but most probably they were a cquainted through Instagram DMs. Anyway, Garette was the real beneficiary. After X showed his support to the brand, the popularity of Revenge skyrocketed.
At that time, XXXTentacion (friends called him by his real name, Jahseh) was gaining popularity on Soundcloud. His violent track Look At Me! was a huge online success. X was part of a new wave of artists, whose music incarnated a disconnect with social norms.

XXXTentacion In The Most Popular Revenge Kill Hoodie

The collaboration between XXXTentacion and Revenge brand brought us things like the Kill hoodie. They also made popular their own style of hoodies with a cropped bottom and no drawstring. Not only did X wear Revenge clothes , but his fellows from Members Only hip-hop, crew and other Soundcloud rappers also appeared in them in public. This helped the brand get their feet off the ground and start to make a name for themselves.

Legends Never Die
Three Legends

Unisex Clothing

Unisex Clothing is best Describe as Clothing Designe . And To be Suitable for Both Sexes in order to Make Men And Women look Similar . The term unisex was first used in 1968 in Life, an American magazine that ran weekly from 1883 to 1972.

People wearing T-shirts, which are considered unisex in modern culture.
“The Bicycle Suit”, caricature from Punch magazine (1895)
Revenge Official Clothing


To day, A Common Mode of Unisex Clothing . May Be An Out Fit Mad Up of Hoodies, T-Shirt , Pants, or Both . As These Articles are Considere Appropriate for Either Gender in Western Society. Both men and women wear shirt and pants on regular basis in the western world and it has become quite . A fashion favourite despite feminine style clothing maintaining a secure place in female fashion.

The Revenge Official Clothing Brand

There Is Not So Much Inside Information About, The Revenge Official Clothing Brand. And We Know It First Appeared On Instagram On May, 27 Th, 2016 . And A Picture Of A Man With His Face Covered, And Wearing A T- Shirt With «REVENGE» Text . The Revenge Clothing Brand Is Based In Los Angeles . Though There Is No Brick And Mortar Store You Can Walk In . A Everything Is Sale Online And Through Pop-Ups . And The Revenge Clothing Brand Owner Is GARETTE . A Very Secretive Man In His Early 20s ,And Who Never Shows His Face , And From Time To Time . There Are Live Streams On The Revenge Brand’s Instagram To Announce Up Coming New Drops.